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Being a private experience, the plus of this tour is that we can customize it to your needs or interests and we can go deeper into a concept that you like more or we can go to a place that you want to visit in special. We will adapt 100% to your needs. We will also offer you our ideas and suggestions.

Hidden corners that you will access through private rural roads, landscapes that you would never have imagined to find in Menorca such as cliffs, ravines, quarries, forests, curious stone walls...Taulas, navetas, talayots.

A 6 hours tour that will take you to discover the whole island, from north to south, see different ecosystems, talk about archaeology and visit different sites.

We are a company specialised in the unknown Menorca, our aim is to make the island known, through concepts and essences. To do this we rely on archaeology, geology, flora and fauna as well as picturesque and unique places.

Our guides move around the island with Land Rover Defender to be able to access any place no matter how complicated the way and our company has state licenses and permits to access private farms where these wonders are hidden and other places that do not appear in the tourist guides.

You can eat during the tour tasting the local gastronomy in a restaurant or tasting in a farm typical products such as the famous Menorcan cheese, directly from the producer.

In short, enjoy the island in its entirety.

Jeep Safari Menorca

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